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OVSA seeks to record the stories and voices of learners in their own words, as they engage on and develop solutions to the many critical health and lifestyle issues they face daily. Woven into the Life Skills, Enterprise and Developing Entrepreneurs projects, these visuals bring first-person narratives to light, as young people gain confidence in their ability to create awareness, promote change and plan for their futures, while also enriching the lives of all people, young and old.


TB remains a serious challenge in South Africa and combating TB and ensuring treatment is an essential aspect of the National Strategic Plan on HIV, AIDS and STIs (and now including many COVID 19 prevention strategies). Let’s promote the use of TB Health Check for TB screening.

OVSA has joined The Generation Equality Forum - a global movement for gender equality, convened by UN Women and co-hosted by the governments of Mexico and France in March and June this year.
Join us to listen to OVSA Facilitator, Mbali Nkwanyana, as she hosts our ‘Youth Hotline’ Outreach Workshop on-air at Community Radio Station, INTOKOZO FM
Given the vast unemployment figures among South African youth, there is a critical need to support young people in completing their education and acquiring the skills needed to seek employment, set up a business or access tertiary education. The DEP project engages some of the top girl learners and focuses on building employability and entrepreneurship skills. Youth entrepreneurship development is an important strategy to integrate young people…
OVSA supports adolescent high-school learners in Grades 8 and 10, to understand what choices/behaviours put their lives at risk. We do this by actively engaging young people on a high-energy, age-appropriate series of Life Skills workshops, that address the need for health awareness and knowledge, coupled to a critical mind - to challenge existing practices and ask questions to effect change.
In 2009, OVSA realised that in order to support young people in the most holistic manner, we can’t only talk about a health body, without having a healthy mind. Young people have to have confidence and hope for their futures. In order to capacitate young people with the skills to translate their dreams of their future, to reality, learners are engaged ‘early’ on thinking about their future career paths, developing an entrepreneurial mindset, and…

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